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Indoor Table Fountains


What Are Tabletop Water Fountains

The words “tabletop water fountains” in the title may seem self explanatory at first glance but it barely scratches the surface on the subject of indoor table fountains. Years ago, the only choices we had for tabletop fountains were offers from advertising inserts in the Sunday paper or mass mailings from companies that sold everything from shoe laces to sea monkeys. These cheap tabletop fountains were usually poorly made and ended up in the garbage or a yard sale in a month or two.

                      Present Day Table Top Fountains

The table top water fountains of today are a far cry from those trinkets of yesteryear.
With their innovative features and hundreds of bold designs, whatever your imagination can envision, you will almost certainly find a fountain to match that visualization. Resin, copper, acrylic, fiberglass, bamboo, quartz, stainless steel, brass, slate stone, glass, amethyst, ceramic, onyx, and marble. These are a few of the different types of materials in the make up of today’s contemporary fountains. When you think of the multitude of possible combinations of these materials used in creating a quality fountain, it’s hard to put a number on how many different styles and shapes can be fashioned.

Benefits of Tabletop Fountains

Unlike most wall fountains or floor fountains, an indoor tabletop fountain can be placed in an area as small as 8 by 8 inches, giving you more options on where you can put them in your home.  As with just about all water features, there are three benefits that have a positive effect on us as humans:
  • 1.      The sound of flowing or trickling water creates a soothing sense of calmness and serenity.
2.      Indoor fountains help humidify the air inside your home, which is very beneficial, especially in air conditioned rooms.
  • 3.      Indoor water fountains create negative ions which are believed to relieve stress and ease depression for some.

Tabletop Fountain Features

Most interior water fountains are powered by electricity which runs a submersible water pump that circulates water through the fountain. That’s about the only common denominator among the tabletop or desktop fountains of today. Would you like a fountain that illuminates when you turn it on? How about one that chimes. There are some fountains that allow you to add essential oils for aromatherapy treatments. Some indoor table fountains have built in foggers, giving the appearance of fog bubbling up and out of the fountain. Then there are those that give you the impression of gazing at a precious gem that has been buried for millions of years. One of my favorites is a tabletop water fountain that combines the elements of fire and water. Your choices are almost endless.

Indoor Decorative Fountains, Pre-purchase Questions that Must be Answered

Purchasing a table top fountain can be a daunting experience, given the wide assortment of styles available. There are certain questions that must be answered before making a decision.
  •  Price is one of the first factors that come to mind. You can spend from $30.00 to well over $4,000.00 for a table fountain. Better quality usually comes at a higher price but there are some very good fountains on the market for a modest cost. However, if you’re going for that “wow” factor when your friends or family first sees your table top fountain, you’ll probably be looking in the mid to upper price range.
  •  Size: As I stated earlier, you can purchase a tabletop fountain that only takes up an 8 by 8 inch area. Some interior fountains are as large as four feet in diameter and weigh over 80 pounds. To fit that perfect spot you’ve chosen in your home to place your fountain, be sure and check the dimensions before ordering.


  • How long is the guarantee? A reputable company clearly states this on their website.


  •  Verify the return and exchange policy. A lot of companies give you as many as 30 days to return or exchange an item. Some fountains are so unique that they are custom made once you order them. These are usually not returnable.


Okay, you’ve gotten all your questions answered and you’re ready to purchase your new fountain. While looking on the various websites and comparison shopping, be sure to compare apples to apples. Photos of fountains may sometimes appear to be the same on different websites, but what’s included with the fountain may differ. Basically what I’m saying is read the fine print. If you’re still not sure, call the merchant. Most of them have a toll free phone number listed on their website and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning their products.
I hope that this article has helped you in your decision on a tabletop fountain. Once you start looking, you’ll see so many beautiful water fountains you never knew existed. Get ready to be inspired!