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14 Sep 2007




 Purchasing a solar water fountain was something that I had thought about doing for a long time, and finally my continued fascination with them convinced me to go ahead and do it. My initial hesitation to buy a solar fountain rested on the fact that I had a lot of questions that I needed answers to .

  • Do these solar powered fountains work as advertised ?
  • Where can I get one on line ?
  • When I find out where to get one, Are they secure ? Are they trustworthy ?
  • When I place my order, how do I know the company  received it ?
  • When do I receive my order ?
  • Am I going to receive what I ordered ?
  • If I don't like it, can I send it back and get a refund ?

Answers to these questions are important, considering the fact that you're giving your name and credit card information to someone on line that you don' t know.

After reading several articles on solar energy to convince myself that solar fountains do work, I began looking at different on line businesses that sold  solar power water fountains. There were many to choose from.

When I found  a website that began to answer most of my questions, I examined that site more closely. Navigating through the site was easy. The solar products were described in great detail. I was astounded by the variety of solar water fountains available. I could even watch a video clip of some of them in action.

I read a number of testimonials from some of their customers that stated they would purchase from this company again and would recommend the products that they purchased to others.I found out that  this company is a member of the Better Business Bureau On line Reliability Program and is protected from credit card fraud and identity theft by ScanAlert-Hacker Safe, a system that tests and certifies the site on a daily basis.

 Do you know how it is when you meet someone in person for the first time and you either get a good feeling or a not so good feeling about them ?  This  was the company that I decided to purchase from because while navigating thru the site, I got a good feeling about who I was going to be dealing with.

My Ordering  Experience
I got on their website, decided which fountain I was going to order, and was directed to the secure part of the site to proceed with filling in all my information. After finishing that, I clicked the submit order button  and  I was promptly presented with an order confirmation page . This page contained my order number, the date ordered, the estimated delivery date, the type of solar fountain that I ordered, and the price, including shipping. If I had any questions, there was a toll-free number that I could call, even on a Saturday or a Sunday.
My order was placed on August 3rd, a Friday at about 9:20pm. I received a second email on Monday, August 6th at about 1pm letting me know that my order was shipped and I was given a tracking number to track my fountain by computer until it reached me.

I received my solar water fountain on August 8th at 1:22 pm. Upon opening the shipping box, a packing slip was inside  telling me to examine the contents carefully and gave me instructions on how to return the solar fountain in case I was not satisfied for any reason. I noticed how securely the items were packaged, which was a concern to me because I had ordered a ceramic fountain. All the parts were there along with the instructions. The quality of the water fountain was impressive.

As you probably guessed, I was anxious to see if my solar fountain would perform as advertised , so after studying the instructions, I assembled my fountain outside, placed the solar pump in the bottom bowl, filled it with water, plugged the solar panel to the solar water pump and aimed the panel at the sun,and the water started flowing, like magic. It really works.

I am very pleased with the service that I received from this company. My on line ordering experience was pleasant and handled in a professional manner. It's been over a month since my fountain arrived and it's performing flawlessly.

If you're reading this article, I'm guessing that you're also considering purchasing a solar water fountain. I urge you to take a look at this company's website. These folks are experts in this business. I realize that you can't please everybody all of the time, but these folks make a determined effort to do just that.

Click here to see what I'm talking about.





Reginald Kilgore