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         Keeping Your Solar Bird Bath Water Fountain Clean  

                                                                              Keep the Birds Coming


Your brand new solar bird bath water fountain is a beautiful work of art. There it is, sitting out in the bright sunshine, all nice and clean with sparkling clear water that you just added to it. With the water in constant motion, your solar fountain will attract plenty of birds. To keep the birds coming on a regular basis to your water fountain, you must keep it clean. Birds are finicky little creatures. If your solar fountain is filled with feathers, droppings, algae, leaves or other debris, they'll go elsewhere for a drink and a bath. Keeping your bird bath clean and fresh is quite a simple task. The key is to clean it on a regular basis. Daily inspections would be ideal, although that may not always be possible.

Simple Maintenance Tools                                                                                                                         

There are only a few items required to keep a bird bath clean and looking good, a good stiff brush, a 2 or 3 gallon bucket and when necessary, a bird bath cleaner that is non-toxic to birds and other animals. Your local pet store can probably recommend a product that you would normally use to clean your pet's feeding dish.

Regular Bird Bath Inspections

If you are able to inspect your bird bath on a daily basis, most of the time you'll only have to pour out the water in it and add fresh water. On occasions when  two or three days pass between inspections, you'll probably need to  scrub the basin with  a stiff brush to get it totally clean. When necessary, use a bird bath cleaner along with a stiff brush to get your bird bath  clean.  When filling the water fountain with water, I recommend using a clean bucket that was filled  from a faucet in your home. The reason being is that some water hoses may have a chemical make up that  is not suitable for birds, and when water has stood in them for a while, some of those chemicals may release into the water  contained in the hose. I may be a little paranoid, but I'd rather error on the side of caution. Some bird bath fountain manufacturers even recommend using distilled water in your fountains. After cleaning and refilling your fountain with clean water, a good water protecting agent can be added to the water to deter stain and mineral deposit buildup.

A Very Important Note

Your solar bird bath water fountain has a solar pump and solar panel that must be removed and stored in a dry and frost-free environment during the winter months. The pump must not be operated without water or it will be permanently damaged.

The main goal is to keep your fountain beautiful and clean for  your fine feathered friends and they will  continue coming to visit your fountain on a regular basis.

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