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copper solar bird bath

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                                Copper Solar Bird Bath for Your Summer Patio 

Copper Solar Bird Bath

A solar bird bath made of solid copper can add a touch of nostalgia to your yard, outdoor patio or deck. In this day and age of high tech plastics and other synthetic materials, possessing an item that’s actually made from a natural metal is gradually becoming a rarity. Copper’s longevity is well known throughout the world. Solid copper, if left alone will develop a distinguished patina over its lifetime or it can be polished to retain its bright sheen. 

                 Solar Water Fountains-No Cost to Operate

Solar bird baths have a hidden water pump that recirculates and filters the water to keep it fresh and in motion, which deters mosquitoes and other insects from laying eggs. The water pump in the solar birdbath is powered by a solar panel which harnesses free energy from the sun to operate the fountain. This panel is either integrated into the water fountain or it can be designed to detach and be placed a few feet away from the fountain. A solar powered bird bath requires no wiring, so you can place it just about anywhere the sun shines, without having to be concerned about the availability of electricity or extension cords

                            Purchasing a Solar Fountain.

When shopping for a solar water feature, be sure to do business with a reputable company that knows and stands by their product. We all want the feeling of knowing that we made a wise decision in our choice of a solar water fountain.
Points to consider when deciding who to purchase from are:
    • Return & exchange policy
    • Product guarantee
    • Methods of delivery
                                     • Shipping charges
                                     • Customer service


Once you decide and purchase your solar powered birdbath, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do mine.