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Corporate Commercial Fountains

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Corporate Commercial Fountains
Corporate commercial fountains have graced the halls, lobbies, walls and outside landscapes of businesses large and small for a number of years. While the most obvious reason for bringing commercial water fountains into the decorating scheme of your business may be for aesthetics, it is well documented that presenting the element of water into an area where people (clients) are sitting also brings with it a calming and soothing effect that can only be created by the presence of water in motion. The sight and sound of running water issues forth a serenity that is unmatched by anything else. This single property alone is a more than valid reason to have a beautiful commercial quality water fountain strategically positioned in your place of business. Imagine the subconscious benefits that a nice water fountain would provide for patients sitting in a doctor’s or dentist’s waiting area. A lawyer’s office would be another great place for a commercial fountain. Large corporations integrate outside water fountains into their front outdoor landscapes and include beautiful commercial grade water fountains in their indoor décor.
Commercial Fountain Varieties
With so many choices available, shopping for a commercial water fountain for your office can be a daunting task. However, conducting a little research will go a long way in helping decide on which water fountain is right for you.
If you’re in the planning stage of designing a new office, your water fountain choice should be an integral part of that process. Introducing a commercial water fountain into an existing office also requires some pre-planning. You want your fountain to look like it belongs where you decide to place it. When it comes to the types of commercial fountains available, there are basically three kinds; the floor fountain, the wall fountain, and the pond or lake fountain. Click on these choices above to check out more detailed information.
Considering Commercial Water Fountain Installation and Maintenance
After determining what commercial fountain to purchase for your business, the next thing to consider would be the installation of the fountain. While the installation of a floor fountain merely involves placing it where you want it and plugging it into an electrical outlet, some floor fountains are quite heavy and assistance will be needed. Wall fountains include the hardware necessary for wall installation. Wall water fountains that contain natural stone such as slate may require assistance to lift it up for placement. Pond/lake fountains are installed suspended on the surface of a lake or pond. For more detailed information on installation and maintenance of all of these types of fountains, click on the links below.
·        Floor fountain
·        Wall fountain
·        Pond/lake fountain
While large corporations may have their own maintenance departments to install their fountains, a lot of your commercial fountains can be self installed, although sometimes requiring a little extra muscle. 
Rest assured that all commercial water fountains come with detailed information about installation and maintenance. Keep in mind that if you can't find a commercial fountain to suit you, you can also have one custom designed for your office or home.
Making that Final Decision
Large corporations a lot of times hire interior design professionals to make their corporate commercial water fountain choice, but with most businesses, the decision is made by one or two individuals within the company. While contemplating on what type of fountain to purchase, keep these tips in mind.
  • Choose a fountain that blends in with the surrounding environment
  • Take into consideration the water noise level of the fountain. They are rated as low, medium or high
  • If planning on a fountain for the exterior of your business, make sure it is rated for outdoor use
  • Purchase from someone experienced in commercial water fountains
I hope the information provided helps you in making your final decision and I thank you for visiting my website.