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Solar bird baths

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Solar Bird Baths with an Alternate Power Source

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Did you know that there are solar bird baths that give you the option of enjoying them outside when the sun is shining or inside when it's cloudy or dark outside?

For those of you who are green conscious but still want a little bit more visual and audible enjoyment from your solar birdbaths, this information may be of interest to you!

 Typical Solar Birdbath

 Your normal solar powered bird bath is designed to be placed outside and comes equipped with a solar panel that is positioned to harness energy from the sun, which powers a solar water pump integrated into your water fountain. This water pump circulates the water inside your solar fountain. The typical solar water fountain works quite efficiently as long as the sun is shining. When the sun slips behind a cloud or it gets dark outside, the solar panel can't gather energy from the sun. This is the way that it's designed to work. The main objective when acquiring a solar bird bath is to have a waterfountain that you can place anywhere outside without the worry of providing an electrical power source for it.

Let's go one better.

 Solar on Demand Solar bird Baths

 Solar on demand solar birdbaths are water fountains that operate pretty much the same as regular solar bird baths except that they have a storage battery integrated with the solar panel that can store energy during the sunlight hours. You can then operate your fountain for up to six hours during late evening hours or when the sun isn't shining. This type of  solar fountain still allows you to operate it without the need for electricity.

What about a solar fountain that operates outside when the sun is shining or can function  inside when required?

 Dual Powered Solar birdbaths

 A dual powered solar birdbath is just as the name implies. It functions outside in the sun the same as the typical solar water fountain does, but if you want to bring it inside your home at night or just prefer to have it as a functional interior fountain, you can do so because it comes equipped with an ac adapter. Yes, good old electricity. I know, it's not totally green, but it does give it added functionality. Solar bird bath maintenance will caution you to bring your solar water fountain inside during the winter months or periods of below freezing weather to protect the fountain pump from damage. Your dual powered solar fountain allows you to enjoy your fountain outside when it's warm and inside when it's below freezing weather. Please keep in mind, in most solar fountains equipped with an  ac adapter, the ac adapter is specifically designed to be used inside only. Take a look at some dual powered solar birdbaths.