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Floor Fountains
Floor water fountains offer another manner of bringing the soothing sight and sound of the element of water into your living environment. Well known for its ability to create tranquility, moving water generated by a beautiful floor fountain offers you the convenience of transforming any setting into an oasis of relaxation.
Most indoor and outdoor floor fountains are self-contained. This basically means that you place them in your desired location, fill them with the recommended amount of water, and plug them into an electrical outlet. From that point on, the similarities end.
Several Floor Water Fountain Choices
Floor water fountains are available in a variety of styles and shapes. Your choice will definitely depend on your own personal taste in design. You can choose from indoor floor fountains or outdoor floor fountains. Some are even designed to be used indoors or out. The height of a floor fountain can range anywhere from a foot tall to as high as ten feet. These fountains can be made from a variety of materials such as acrylic, slate, copper, stainless steel, glass and aluminum to name a few. Accessories for floor fountains can include accent lights, interchangeable color filters and adjustable speed water pumps for variable water flow. Some of the higher end fountains have their own auto fill and filtration system.
Placement of Floor Fountains
With the wide selection of floor water fountains that are available, you will have no problem finding the right one for any setting in your home, garden or office. Most floor fountains purchased are usually over 3 feet tall which means that you want them to be seen. One great placement point would be directly opposite the entry point of a room, where it will be noticed as soon as you enter. Outside, floor fountains can be strategically positioned near your front or rear door entrance, in your flower garden, or any outdoor seating area where your prime objective is relaxation.
Indoor/Outdoor Floor Water Fountain Maintenance
Keeping your floor fountain looking great and working properly requires a little routine maintenance. Indoor fountains should be cleaned at least every 4 to 6 months. Outdoor water fountains need to be cleaned more often due to the outside elements. The basic cleaning procedure is to remove the water from the fountain, wipe down the fountain with a soft scratch resistant cloth and clean the surface with the appropriate cleaner for the material your fountain is made from. When refilling your fountain, use distilled water instead of tap water. The use of distilled water minimizes the possibility of mineral deposits or hard water buildup. If you happen to have a large floor fountain that requires a large amount of water to refill it, a water treatment product designed to keep water clear or prevent algae may be more cost effective. Remember to keep your fountain’s water level at the correct height. The fountain pump must be totally submerged at all times for proper operation and to prevent damage. Your new floor fountain comes with detailed instructions on how to keep your fountain clean and working like new.
Choosing Your Floor Water Fountain
Some key factors to consider when deciding on a floor fountain are;
  • Is the fountain going to be placed inside or outside? Some water fountains are designed for indoor only use. Others can be used both outside and inside.
  • How much space are you allowing for your fountain? A large floor fountain crammed into a small space or a small fountain sitting all alone in a wide open space might look out of place.
  • How much do you want to spend on your fountain?  A floor fountain can be purchased for under $200.00 or can pay over $10,000 for one. The old adage you get what you pay for comes into play here.
Look for quality when choosing your floor fountain. Shop with a company experienced in floor water fountains. Your main objective is to ultimately choose a fountain that you will enjoy for years to come.