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Homemade Bird Bath



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Make your own Customized Homemade Bird Bath

 Making your own customized birdbath gives you the satisfaction of creating something with your own hands that could not be purchased from a retail store. When building your customized bird bath, there are fundamental guidelines that you must follow to keep your feathered friends coming to your birdbath.

 Keep your Homemade Birdbath Shallow

 Birds visiting your bird bath prefer water that is no more than 1 to 3 inches deep. That's just enough for them to take a drink and bathe in if they desire. Anything deeper than that would make the birds feel uncomfortable. The basin that holds the water should have a textured surface to give birds a good footing while they're drinking or bathing.

 Place Your Birds on a Pedestal

 Keeping your birdbath basin off the ground is a great idea, mainly due to the possibility of predators like the neighborhood cat trying to attack the birds while they're drinking or bathing. Some sort of pedestal to place the basin on is the answer. It should be at least two feet high and sturdy enough to hold the water basin.

 So Many Homemade Bird Bath Ideas

 With all of the fundamental guidelines mentioned above in mind, you can begin the fun task of deciding what materials you're going to make your bird bath out of. The first thing to do is to be sure to choose materials that can withstand the weather outside. Consider items made of ceramic, glass, terra cotta, concrete, plastic, and some metals like copper or galvanized steel. Around the house items can include things like serving dish platters, trash can lids, or an old salad bowl for the basin, and  an old lamp, a plant stand or a log from your woodpile for the pedestal. If you can't find anything around the house, you can go to yard sales, flea markets or swap meets to find inexpensive items to construct you homemade birdbath. Going to craft shops or a hobby stores is another option. The ideas  that you can come up with for a homemade birdbath are endless.

 Constructing Your Birdbath

 In putting your birdbath together, you'll want to use a strong weatherproof adhesive. There is a wide variety of adhesives on the market today. Be sure and read the label and choose the correct adhesive based on what materials you're using to construct your  birdbath. I could give you long, detailed instructions on how to build a great homemade bird bath, but it would be my ideas that you use and not yours. Build your own birdbath with your very own ideas and see what happens. You'll probably be amazed at what you can create.

 Today is Wednesday, October 12, 2010. One week from now, I will be posting the results of my homemade bird bath project which will include the materials that I used, and the cost of the materials  that I used to construct my birdbath. I will be providing a link from this page to my project so that you can see my results. An email address will also be available if you would like to send images of your own customized bird bath that you made.

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