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                                                                    EXOTIC WATER FOUNTAINS



 Indoor Decorative Fountains
Have you ever walked into a big fancy bank, doctor’s or dentist’s office and was immediately mesmerized by a large container of water (in constant motion) sitting on the floor in a corner or sometimes right in the middle of the lobby or waiting area? I've even seen them hanging on the walls in some places. I must confess that I am captivated by these fountains.  They  are properly called floor fountains and  wall mounted fountains and some are quite impressive.
Indoor Fountains, Benefits
These indoor fountains make a great conversation piece because it’s an item that very few people have. The unique designs of some of these interior water fountains add to the room’s overall ambiance and décor. I’m sure that the business’ that have these large indoor water fountains in there offices placed them  there partially to impress their customers, but I honestly believe that the main reason for these water fountains being in their office is this;  

“It is an undisputable proven fact that the sight and sound of running water has a profound calming and soothing effect on the human race.”
If you relate that to the fact that you’re in an office such as the ones mentioned above where there may be a little anxiety or stress in the minds of the customers, the presenceof these indoor water fountains make perfect sense.They can subconsciously ease the minds of the waiting clientele.
A Sudden Brainstorm
If a business can have nice interior water fountains in their offices, why can’t an individual have one in their own home? While mentally visualizing an image of one of those beautiful floor fountains, my very next thought was, “man, I bet those things cost a fortune!”
Research Time
 Guess what? There are a lot of exotic floor fountains on the market today. Your first intuition is to look at the prices, but as you gaze at all the different styles , the wide assortment of materials these water fountains are made of, and the unbelievable features that come with some of them, your mind kind of wanders away from price, if only for a little while. Take a look at what I found out.
        Miles of Styles and Shapes

The choice of water fountain styles is almost endless. You have contemporary, traditional, Asian, Spanish, eclectic, graphic. There are short ones, tall ones, round ones, thin ones, square ones, curved ones.

You can find these fountains anywhere from 3 feet to over 10 feet tall, from 12 inches to over 5 feet wide and weighing from 10 pounds to over 500 pounds. These indoor water fountains can hold as little as a gallon of water to some that holds well over 30 gallons.
Material Things
The individual materials that some of these decorative indoor water fountains are made of are stainless steel, mirrors(sometimes in assorted colors), pottery, brushed copper, polished copper, acrylic(different colors), glass, hand cut imported slate, solid wood and bamboo.
Neat Features

Although the common feature on most of the indoor fountains is an on off switch, some of the mid to higher priced models come with many more. Here is a short list.
  • Built in leveling system
  • Some models can be used outdoors as a garden fountain
  • Accent lighting
  • Programmable lightshow
  • Automatic shut-off pump
  • Control of water flow which in turn controls water sound
  • Reverse osmosis system( for chlorine and mineral removal)
How Much Do They Cost
Let me put it this way. I’ve seen floor fountains that cost as little as $60.00 and as much as $15,000. There are a lot of dollars in between these two figures, but if you truly want an indoor water fountain for your home or office, you will find that one that you have just got to have. There are so, so many choices.
Ask Questions
Before purchasing your floor fountain, there are some important questions that need to be answered by the merchant, especially if the water fountain is on the high end of the price scale.
  • Shipping costs
  • Method of delivery
  • Guarantee
  • Return policy
  • Method of payment
  • Maintenance instructions
If you don’t see the answers to these questions in the literature or on their website, give them a call.
Last Words
The old saying of “You get what you pay for” comes into play somewhat in your quest for  floor fountains and wall fountains Use your wise judgment in your selection and you won’t be disappointed. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope that this article has provided the information that you were looking for. Exquisite relaxation products at Great Prices.