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Painted Bird Baths

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Painted Bird Baths Bring Uniqueness to Your Garden

 Painted bird baths can bring character and charm to an otherwise drab garden setting. It's one outdoor accent that can be customized to fit your own personality and yard. Painting your own bird bath gives you the control to design something that you can be proud of for years to come.  The process of painting your birdbath is not a difficult task, but it does require a little pre-planning to make your effort a complete success. In this article, we will go through some of the procedures of painting your own cement bird bath.

 Turn That Lackluster Cement Bird Bath into Something Beautiful

 Cement bird baths can become long-lasting fixtures in your yard or garden and eventually you'll want to paint it for the first time or repaint it due to the effects of the outdoor elements. To begin the task of painting your bird bath, you positively absolutely must start off with a clean working surface becausepaint will not stick to a dirty surface very well. The amount and type of  dirt and grime that has accumulated on your birdbath will determine theproducts required to make it clean again.

 A lightly soiled surface may only require a solution of warm soapy water and a stiff- bristled scrub brush. Wet your birdbath down with a water hose and begin scrubbing the surface until it's clean. However, a cement bird bath that's caked with dirt and mildew may require a stronger mixture to get the job done. Put on some heavy duty rubber gloves and goggles for eye protection and mix a solution of 8 parts water to 1 part household bleach. Pour the prepared solution in a spray bottle and liberally spray it on the surface of the bird bath. Give it 2 to 3 minutes to work its magic and start scrubbing the surface with a stiff bristled brush. If necessary, repeat the last step. Once the surface is clean, rinse it thoroughly. Let your birdbath dry completely before the next step.

 Seal the Deal

 Once your cement bird bath is completely dry, you must seal it with a cement sealer. Cement has a porous surface and has a tendency to absorb moisture rapidly, which can cause a blotchy and uneven paint job. What the sealer does is close the pores in the cement, which allows a more uniform paint coverage. You can purchase your cement sealer from your local home improvement store. Purchase a water-based sealer. Follow the directions provided on the label. Since painting a cement birdbath is considered a small project, you'll more than likely be applying the sealer with a brush. Two or three coats should do the job. Be sure to allow ample drying time between coats.

 Prime Time For Your Outdoor Bird Bath

 When the sealer is completely dry, it's time to apply a primer to your birdbath. Apply it everywhere except to the inside of the bowl where the water will be. You may want to tape off the inside of the basin area with masking tape newspaper. The purpose of the primer is to create a bonding surface for the paint to stick to your bird bath. This prevents the paint from peeling off later on. Once your primer is completely dry, it's finally time to paint.

 Painting your Cement Bird Bath

 Now is the time to use your artistic creativity to transform a mundane object into a true work of art. Once your bird bath is painted by you, you can honestly say that no one on this earth has a fountain quite like yours. All of the preparation work has been done, so painting should be the easiest step of the process.

 Choosing a paint specifically designed for cement applications will give you the most durable finish. Your local home improvement super store can supply you with what you need. You'll probably want to use  brushes to apply the paint to your bird bath because they do give you more control, especially if there are intricate designs that you want to emphasize with different paint colors. Two brush sizes, one for the overall painting of the fountain, and a smaller one for any intricate designs that you want to paint should be enough.

 There has been some debate on using petroleum based paints on a birdbath because of possible water contamination. In this particular project, we don't paint the inside of the water basin, so it's not an issue.

 Begin by painting the main color on your fountain with a brush. Allow the first coat to dry following the directions on the paint label and then apply a second coat. After giving the second coat time to dry, you can begin painting any intricate designs with a smaller paint brush. Once your bird bath is completely dry,  it's time to position it in your yard or garden and fill it with water.

 Additional Notes:

  Due to the fact that in a lot of instances when purchasing paint for cement applications, you can only purchase your paint in gallon quantities. That's a bit much for a small project like painting a cement birdbath, so an alternative might be to purchase exterior latex home paint which can be purchased in quart sizes. Also, once your birdbath is painted and completely dry, you can use a can of quality acrylic clear spray  to apply  over the painted portion of your birdbath. This will provide extra protection to the paint and give it  a somewhat shiny surface appearance. Again, it's purely an option.

 Be sure to maintain your bird bath by cleaning it on a regular basis to keep the birds coming again and again for water and a bath.

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