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Pond/Lake Water Fountains


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Pond /Lake Water Fountains

 Displaying a wide array of spray patterns, pond and lake water fountains were at one time only seen in places like parks or as a part of the landscape in front of large commercial business establishments. Today however, due to their wide availability and affordability, these pond fountains can commonly be found in private residential settings.

What Are Pond and Lake Water Fountains?
The pond water fountains discussed in this article are basically floating pond aerators. They float on the surface of your lake or pond drawing water and propelling it into the air. Pond/lake water fountains consist of a few basic parts; a float, mooring ropes, power cord, motor control panel, nozzles and bottom screen. Without going into great detail, the motor, buoyed by the float, is placed on the surface of your pond or lake. The float and motor is secured in place by at least two mooring lines attached to opposite sides of the float and stretched out and downward toward opposite shorelines of your lake or pond, where the ends are anchored into the ground underwater. The motor’s attached power cord which is routed downward toward the bottom of the lake or pond and then toward the shore is plugged into the control panel on a 115 volt motor(or hard-wired on 230 volt), which is mounted to a post no closer than six feet from the water. The control panel is then plugged into the power supply.
Benefits of Pond Aerators
Aside from the aesthetic benefit of pond and lake fountains, you also obtain these additional benefits;
     ·        pond aerator fountains supply oxygen to your lake or pond
     ·        aids in mosquito control by keeping water in motion
     ·        helps in keeping algae growth to a minimum which aids in
      ·        water clarity
Pond/Lake Water Fountain Maintenance
Very little maintenance is required for pond and lake fountains. At least once a year, your pond fountain should be removed and the exterior cleaned of any algae or other debris. In areas where there are prolonged periods of freezing weather, your fountain needs to be removed from the water and stored in a cool, dry frost free area. If the weather in your area is warm or above freezing all year round, your fountain should be cleaned two or three times a year. Keep an eye on your pond fountain while it’s in operation. If you notice decreased performance, disconnect it from the electricity and examine for potential clogging. Continuously running your fountain at a sub par level can damage it. A simple cleaning of the debris in the screen is usually all your fountain needs. Your pond or lake water fountain comes with very detailed instructions regarding installation and maintenance.
Floating Fountain Accessories
The main accessory for pond/lake water fountains without a doubt is lights. Adding a lighting display to your pond fountain makes it a pleasing attraction at night as well as during the day. You have a choice of multicolored lighting or monochromatic white lighting packaging. These lighting packages are custom matched with your pond water fountain.
Which Pond/Lake Water Fountain to Purchase
With a multitude of choices in the market of pond aeration systems, making a decision on which one to purchase can become quite a task.  Here is the simple solution. In considering a purchase of a pond or lake fountain, you obviously have a pond or lake that you are thinking about placing this fountain in. These are some of the main questions that you’ll want to have answers to before your purchase decision;
  • the depth of the water where my fountain will be placed
  • the size of the body of water
  • the water spray pattern you desire
  • a lighting display or not
  • location and installation of the power supply
  • how much do you want to spend
Your answers to these questions should put you on the right path to making a wise decision on purchasing a pond or lake fountain that you will enjoy for years to come.