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Resin Bird Bath


Resin Bird Bath is Made of a Material that Gives The  Appearance of a Much Heavier Fountain


solar bird bath
A resin bird bath is a great lightweight alternative to cement or concrete bird baths.Resin bird baths are gaining in popularity because of the ability of manufacturers to create outdoor bird baths with very detailed designs making them appear heavier than they actually are.The Country Gardens Solar Bird Bath Fountain  utilizes solar technology thru its solar panel to power a low voltage solar water pump that recycles water from a hidden reservoir in the fountain. There's no out of pocket operating costs for this simple yet beautiful solar fountain. The solar pump and solar panel must be stored in a dry frost- free area during the winter. Included with this resin fountain is a resin plate cover for use in the winter months.     

The Kensington Gardens 2-Tier Solar Bird Bath Fountain is made of an all-weather resin that gives it a heavy weathered stone appearance. The 2- tier design of this solar powered fountain magnifies the calming effect of the water as it trickles from the upper tier of the fountain into the lower basin. To harvest the full benefits of this soothing sound, be sure to place the solar fountain in a sunny location. The solar panel and pump is included. Setting up this solar birdbath is quick and easy.

The Smart Solar Boy & Girl Reading on Bench is a fountain that's classic in design that will never become obsolete. The intricate details are quite obvious when viewing this spectacular solar water fountain. This water fountain is made from durable and long lasting resin which gives the appearance of being heavy but it is a lightweight fountain. Place it anywhere in your yard that gets full sunlight and you will enjoy a soothing pleasure that will definitely bring relaxation into your life. No electricity required.

The graceful, well designed lines of the Sunnydaze Old World Cascading Bowls Solar on Demand Fountain makes it a Solar bird bathwelcome addition to any sunny outdoor flower garden setting. This fountain has an on- off switch that  allows you to turn the fountain on and off at will. Yes,  solar energy powers this fountain via a solar panel and water pump incorporated into the bowl.There's no need for an electrical outlet or extension cords. This battery equipped fountain allows it to store solar energy allowing it to be operated even in cloudy weather.