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Solar Cascade Fountains Bring Total Relaxation to Your Environment


 Solar cascade fountains can be placed in your yard, garden, patio, terrace or Solar bird bathdeck. As long as they are positioned in a sunny location, you will enjoy the soothing and relaxing sounds that emanate from the trickling water. The Solar Blue Ceramic Cascade Water Fountain has  deep blue glazed terracotta bowls that rest upon a sturdy iron frame.The water that you add to the solar fountain trickles from the top vessel to the next  until it reaches the bottom bowl and it is then recycled back to the top by a hidden solar powered water pump. The solar panel that is included with the fountain can be placed up to 10 feet from the water fountain. This allows you to position the solar powered panel  to obtain the maximum benefit of the sun. Take a closer look at this  solar water fountain.

 Enhance your surroundings with this Solar Green Ceramic Cascade Fountain. The mesmerizing sounds Solar bird bathof deliberately slow running water from this solar powered water fountain lulls you into a sense of total relaxation. The natural green tone of this outdoor water fountain blends in with almost any decor.To give you added flexibility in the placement of this garden fountain, the solar panel included can be placed up to ten feet away from the fountain.

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Solar bird bath This Red Ceramic Solar Cascade Water Fountain really stands out. The clean lines of this fountain gives it a classic look. Water cascading from the top urn to each successive bowl and finally to the basin is recycled by a low voltage solar pump powered by a solar panel. This solar panel can be placed up to 10 feet from the fountain. Be sure to place the solar powered panel in a sunny location for proper operation.

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Solar bird bathThis classic Sunnydaze Solar Garden Outdoor Water Fountain with Planter is a self contained work of art that requires no installation. It will look great in your garden, on your patio , or on your deck. Place this solar powered fountain in a bright sunny location for proper operation. The low voltage pump included propels the water to the top bowl and it gently cascades down to the bottom basin creating a soothing sound that is very relaxing. The solar panel that comes with the water fountain can be positioned up to ten feet from the fountain to fully maximize the effectiveness of the sun. A one year warranty comes with this fountain.

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