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Zen Water Fountain
Without attempting to explain it totally, Zen basically means meditation. When one meditates successfully, their mind is transformed into a state of total relaxation. The sound of flowing water is well known to aid in this transformation. A Zen water fountain, through its shape, textures, color and sound is a great meditation tool.
Zen water fountains come in a variety of styles. They must not only be pleasant to listen to, they must be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are available as indoor or outdoor tabletop water fountains, wall fountains, floor fountains, outdoor garden water fountains and patio fountains.
Zen fountains can be made from a multitude of materials. For instance you could have an indoor tabletop fountain made of polished rocks, slate and copper, or a tabletop fountainmanufactured from natural materials  that combines the elements of fire and water. How about a Zen tabletop water fountain consisting of ceramic and bamboo. The combinations are endless.
Making Your Choice
It’s a natural habit to purchase a Zen fountain with the idea of impressing your family and friends. Remember when some of us took little trinkets to elementary school just to show them to our friends? When choosing your Zen water fountain, you may want to ask yourself these three questions;
  • Does the fountain that I want fit the area (dimensionally and style wise) where I want to place it?
  • Is the area where my water fountain will be placed appropriate for relaxation and meditation?
  • And most importantly, do I like the Zen fountain that I’m about to purchase?
Whether the water fountain that you want is an indoor water fountain, an outdoor garden fountain, an outdoor tabletop fountain, a Zen floor water fountain, or a Zen wall fountain, hopefully, answering these three questions will have you well on your way to choosing a great looking fountain for your home or office.